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The Beauty Picks: Oils for Hair, Face & Body

30 May

I’m back with another The Beauty Picks post! This time, I’ll be outlining all my favorite oils for you, whether it’s for hair, face, body, lips, whatever! I mentioned this on twitter but I was really surprised when I thought of the idea to do this post because growing up, I always equated the word [...]

The Beauty Snaps

23 Apr

Just a quick series of snapshots to show you what I’ve been up to… Currently testing: See a trend? There are 2 different brands’ (Dior and Neutrogena) chubby lip pencils and 2 really expensive lip treatments (Hourglass and La Mer) in there.

The Sample: TATCHA Original Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers (Review & Photos)

28 Feb

««Press Sample»» Guys and gals, if you have oily or even combination skin, you’ll feel my pain when I say this: no one ever feels chic or even remotely cool when using blotting sheets in public. To an oily-skinned person, whipping out a blotting sheet in public can almost feel a bit shameful. You don’t [...]

12 Things for 2012!

1 Jan

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I was inspired by Paris’ 12 Best Things of 2012 post, so I decided to do my own in honor of the new year. My list is mostly beauty-related, but there is one oddball in there. Take a look and see!

The Sample: NEW Essie Winter 2012 Collection Polishes Review, Swatches, Photos…and The Beauty Sample’s First Ever Giveaway!!!

13 Dec

I love Essie polishes–they’re probably my favorite polish brand just because a.) they always come out with such fun, bright, pretty colors; b.) they’re affordable; and c.) they’re easily accessible. Whenever I get a craving to try a new color, my first stop is always CVS to check out the Essie display (I so wish [...]

Five Fall Favorites

22 Nov

I am an absolute failure when it comes to trying to post monthly favorites on time, so instead, I thought I’d do a general “Five Fall Favorites” post. My favorites range from beauty to body care to drinks. What are some of your fall favorites? Please share 5 of them with me in the comments–they [...]

The Mini Sample: Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in 340 Go Go Green (Mini Review & Photos)

27 Sep

Since I had so many of you mention the green polish I was wearing in the pics from my Pure+Simple Lactic Acid Original 5% review, I figured I’d dedicate a little post to it–a “Mini Sample”, if you will. I don’t really have time to do my usual long, drawn-out review for this particular product [...]

The Sample: Essie Navigate Her Collection (Review, Swatches & Photos)

29 Mar

I know that some people are all about “the rules”–rules like: you can’t wear white after labor day, never wear a smokey eye with a red lip, pastel colors=spring, and bold, bright colors=summer. But, you know what they say about rules sometimes: they were meant to be broken. At least in the world of beauty. [...]