Some Musings and My Very First “Empties” Post!

22 Oct

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Yes, I’ve finally jumped on the bandwagon and posted my very first “Empties” post! Truth be told, this is kinda just a filler post as I get my bearings straight and start getting in the groove of blogging again. Readers and Twitter friends of The Beauty Sample will know that I’ve been *super* busy at work. We have been going through an audit for months now and it just seems like it will never end! The stress has been really wearing on me and tensions are running very high in my office. I kept putting aside the blog in favor of relaxing on my down-time because honestly, I’ve been worn out and feeling unhappy and just couldn’t be bothered to do much else besides sleep in, watch movies, read, and hang out with my family.

Then I started to feel a little blue and would catch myself staring wistfully at my camera from time to time. I realized that I really, really missed blogging and talking to all my lovely blogger friends. But even so, I’m glad that I was able to take a step back from blogging for a while because it made me realize that I do not think of my blog as work but as a fun hobby–one that connects me to so many sweet and amazingly supportive gals. And one shouldn’t give up their hobbies or the things that they love just because they are unhappy at work or busy. It’s always important to take time out for yourself to do the things you love, otherwise you start to get that feeling of “what’s it all for?”

I know I’m getting corny and I apologize. I just wanted to post my recent revelations and also take the opportunity to thank everyone that still visits my humble little blog. There are so many of you that still write to me and tweet me and check my blog and I am so immensely grateful to all of you! THANK YOU! I ♥ you guys :)

Anyway, I’ve never done one of these posts before mainly because I’ve never really had enough empties to put in a post before! I do go through some boring things quite regularly–like face wash (Aveeno Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser) or blotting sheets (Clean & Clear) but I decided to save up some of my other, more “interesting” purchases so that I could show you guys what I love and buy over and over again.

(clockwise from top left red spray bottle)

First up is Ole Henriksens African Red Tea Face Mist. This is my 4th bottle of the stuff and I will continue to repurchase it. I love the ingredients (great antioxidants), lack of alcohol, and spray bottle (very convenient!). After cleansing, I spray this all over my face, press into the skin, and follow up with a serum while my skin is still damp. Plump, dewy skin ensues.

To the right of that (tiny bottle with black cap) is a travel-size of Hourglass’ Veil Mineral Primer*. I really like this stuff but I’m not sure I love it. It is, however, the best primer I’ve found for my oily, acne-prone skin. It keeps my makeup looking fresh for much longer than it would look without. It also provides a nice, smooth canvas for putting on base. It doesn’t quite fill in my large pores as well as other silicone-based primers do, but that’s also a good thing since too much silicone tends to break me out something awful. I will probably repurchase this until I find something I like more.

Next is Caudalie’s Vinosource S.O.S Thirst-Quenching Serum. This stuff is absolutely incredible and, amazingly, has taken the title of most-used serum in my beauty routine, edging out the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum. Don’t get me wrong, I still adore the Vinoperfect serum but I find that lately, my skin seems to need a bit more hydration (I think from all the stress) and this serum truly delivers. My skin drinks it right up, leaving no trace of sticky/greasy residue. Somehow my skin looks smoother, more even–even my pores are less visible. It’s like the serum plumps up my skin so that the pores are much less noticeable. Love it and have already repurchased a second bottle!

This is my 2nd tube of the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo. It works well to keep my skin and pores clear. I usually use this on my t-zone during the day and my Epiduo prescription acne gel at night. If I have a large pimple though, I always use the Effaclar Duo; it zaps them quickly without drying out or irritating my skin. Good stuff!

I got a deluxe-sized sample of Lancome’s popular Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover and used it up quickly. I thought it was okay…did the job, but no better or worse than my usual go-to: the Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. The only difference? No fragrance. I will not be repurchasing this.

Another LRP product, I decided to try the Eau Thermale for Sensitive Skin. I like it but I don’t necessarily need it in my routine. I may repurchase one day but not now.

I got a tiny travel-sized spray of the Gucci Flora by Gucci fragrance. Loved the scent, hated that it only lasted an hour or less on my skin. I found that because of the minimal wear, I had to use it more often and as a result, the bottle lasted only a week and a half for me :/ Will not be repurchasing.

Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant in Vanilla Lavender was my first deodorant. I’ve always been a user of anti-perspirants but I was beginning to find more and more that my underarms would be itchy or rashy or dry or I would need to apply the anti-perspirants more frequently after prolonged use. I finally decided to give the Lavanila deodorant a try and am so happy I did! I don’t sweat much at all so honestly, I don’t think I ever needed an anti-perspirant in the first place. But I found that after using them for a while, I would start to smell (sorry if this is TMI!) faster and faster, strange considering I don’t sweat much. Now that I use deodorant, I don’t have that problem at all. I think what was happening was that since the purpose of an anti-perspirant is to stop you from sweating, it clogs up your pores and traps whatever sweat is trying to come out under this layer of gunk. After a while, it builds up and starts to smell, regardless of if you sweat a lot or not or how much anti-perspirant you use. This sweat is just literally sitting there, so it’s gonna stink after a while.

I know there are people out there who truly need anti-perspirant but if you feel that you really don’t perspire that much, try a natural deodorant for a while and see how it works for you. It literally changed my life. No more odor and no more itching from the rashes and dead skin building up under the layer of product. I’m never going back! Have since repurchased this product :)

The Cargo gloss in the back was very, very old. I found it while cleaning out my lip gloss drawer and immediately tossed it in the empties bag. Pretty color–sad that I wasted this one :/

And now we come to the lip balms! As you can see, I use a LOT of lip balm. My lips absolutely require being coated in balm 24/7, so it stands to reason that I go through a lot of lip balm. Over on the right (top), I have Osmia Organic’s Honey-Myyrh Lip Repair*. I love love love this stuff. I am definitely repurchasing but just have to finish up a few more lip products that I have before I can purchase anything else. I tell ya though, I haven’t used it in a couple of weeks and my lips miss it! This is the most incredible night treatment I have EVER used, hands down, and (once I get through these 2 more full lip treatments that I have) will never be without it again!

Under the Osmia balm, there’s a Korres Jasmine Lip Butter. Man, this tiny little pot took me forever to finish! Gummy will back me up on this: the Lip Butters just never seem to die!!! I still have another pot of the Rose one to get through, too! They are nice enough but once I’m done with it, I probably will not purchase again.

That shriveled blue tube you see in the back is a Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm in Blackberry & Black Tea. You guys already know that I love this stuff. This is probably my 5th tube–I love these for daytime, especially since it contains a nice, high SPF. Will continue to repurchase over and over again!

Yes, those are 3 tubes of Aquaphor. I’ve told you guys I’m obsessed with the stuff, right? I have tube in my purse, car, next to my bed, in the bathroom…this stuff just works for everything! It feels nice on the lips and keeps them moisturized for hours plus when the weather starts to get brutally dry and cold, I can slather it all over my skin without fear of breaking out. This stuff is a staple for me.

Maybelline Baby Lips: I don’t really get the hype about these. They’re nice but I only ever really liked the blue one because of the scent and SPF content. But they just go so damn fast! I finished this tube in about 2 weeks flat. I find that I use much more since they don’t last very long on the lips. I’d rather pay a bit more for the Jack Black or Osmia Organics and have it last me a month or so at a time.

Again, the Sugar Fresh Lip Treatment is nice but I won’t repurchase. Besides, I love the tinted version (especially Sugar Honey) and really don’t need the plain, untinted version since they both feel the same and deliver the same results.

The Make Up For Ever Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow is another staple. This is my 4th pot, I believe, and it’s the most truly waterproof, indestructible liner I’ve ever found that doesn’t even smudge on my small oily lids.

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream is really nice. I use it on my cuticles and even lips–it works really well as both! Plus the tin is really cute, too :) I’ve repurchased this.

Last is Hourglass’ Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil. I have most definitely repurchased this one. I’ve never been able to use eyebrow pencils before–I just always found the colors were too warm for me, the product too soft, and the results a bit unnatural. But this one is so unique because of the triangular shape. It allows you to create the most natural-looking brows with just a few quick strokes. The product strikes the perfect balance between hard and soft, is super-easy to control and blend out, and comes in 3 ultra-flattering shades.


*these products were provided to The Beauty Sample free of charge for review purposes. Despite this, my opinions are always honest and I only included products in this post that I truly use and love

28 Responses to “Some Musings and My Very First “Empties” Post!”

  1. Lily October 22, 2013 at 6:38 pm #

    *hugs* Hopefully you’ll get a break from work after the auditing is done.
    And girl, you use LOTS of lip balms!! I’ve been meaning to try the Fresh tinted ones, but they’re really expensive for me to justify a purchase. I’d rather buy a lipstick. LOL!

    I also wanted to try the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer because of the raving reviews, but I’ll have to do that after I use up my existing one. I don’t seem to be very diligent in applying primers, so it wouldn’t make sense to buy such an expensive one. Haha!

    • becca October 22, 2013 at 6:42 pm #

      Oh God I plan to take a few days off at LEAST once this is all over. I deserve it, damn it!! :P haha!

      And yes I know…lip balm is totally my addiction. I mean it–I think my lips are seriously addicted to the stuff. Even if my lips aren’t really dry, if I don’t have lip balm on I freak out because I’m not used to the feeling and *feel* like they’re dry. Haha! Crazy, I know.

      As for primer, I don’t really wear if often either. I went years without using the stuff then started using it every day for a while a couple of months ago. My skin wasn’t happy with that though so I stopped and now only use it on nights out with friends (maybe once a week). The Hourglass is great though–I definitely recommend. I like the unique, lotion consistency too (hate the slick feeling of the silicone ones). Which primer are you using now?

  2. Joyce (bronzerbunny) October 22, 2013 at 10:18 pm #

    OK HIIIIII. :) I am glad you are back hehe. I hope you will stick around, and that work won’t continue to stress you out! I totally get that though – sometimes I feel lazy and don’t want to think and just want to laze around, and I LIKE my job so… yeah. I’m in full support of you doing all relaxing things all the time to make up for it. :)

    Red tea mist!! I always want to buy that but i can’t spray my face with things – it freaks me out lol! but i love how that smells. Did you see that sephora has a big red tea kit in the sale section for $40??? You should check it out in case you like other stuff from the line.

    Hmmm. natural deodorant. This is interesting to me, cause sometimes my skin feels dry/itchy there too. I don’t sweat much and very rarely smell (perhaps even caused by antiperspirants like you suspect??) so now i’m really curious to try one of these. Although i hate to admit i don’t even wear deodorant everyday… ANYWAY

    I used lancome bi facil a few years ago and went through two bottles and a few sample bottles, but probably bc I spilled half of the second one lolol. I really liked it at the time but got tired of the oily texture and rose scent. So I’m with you on that one! And oo hourglass brow thingy – i want to try it eventually! and i can’t believe you finished that spray so fast. Though i guess i never was good at spraying myself with much perfume either. and i can’t believe you finished an eye thingy, and cuticle butter! i have that and the jack black lip balm and hardly remember to use them with everything else lol

    And OMG lip balms lady! I never finish things :( I have so many balms around and I guess i just let my lips suffer and be dry lolol. I should really apply more often. (Do you sense a theme? LOL) I can’t wait to try osmia, and i have a korres lip butter thingy so i should get on that lol.

    • becca October 23, 2013 at 2:10 am #

      First of all, THANK YOU, dear Joyce. That means a lot to me :)

      Also, YES–you def need to check out the African Red Tea Mist. Even the name sounds delicious!! If spraying stuff directly on your face weirds you out, just spray onto a cotton pad and apply or spray on your hands and then press into the skin! :D

      And the natural deodorant really did change my life…sounds dramatic but true :P Again, this might be TMI but what the heck: aside from the itchy, dry underarm skin, I was also starting to get a crap load of ingrown hairs from the anti-perspirants clogging my pores and hair follicles. It was really just unpleasant, overall. Haven’t had a problem since switching though! I swear I will never go back!

      LOL lip balm lady–I like that! In all seriousness, I think I’ve overused them so much that my lips are literally addicted to lip balm but hey…that’s fine with me ;) Probably good that you can go without but I def recommend the Jack Black one for daytime. It’s always good to protect the lips with SPF and the Jack Black ones not only feel really luscious but they smell AMAZING. I’m not kidding, whenever I put it on in front of a guy, they always sniff and ask me what it is. Good stuff, I tell ya! haha

      • Joyce (bronzerbunny) October 23, 2013 at 7:04 pm #

        i think the whole jack black range is totally underrated! i’ve been trying random samples of their lotion and skincare and it all seems quite good! and i guess i’ll have to dig up that lip balm, wherever it is. :)

        hmmmm this is good information about the deodorant. I may have that issue too? i’m not sure lol. In any event i want to try the osmia and soapwalla ones just because people seem really into them! :)

        • becca October 23, 2013 at 7:11 pm #

          Oooh have you tried the serum?? (Power Booster, I think it’s called? Something to that effect, anyway…) I have been super curious about that one for a while. I think I have a tiny sample somewhere that I have to dig out…the ingredients list reads like a dream though. Really curious if you’ve tried that one and if so, thoughts??

          Yeah I was very curious about the Osmia deodorant too. Once I FINALLY finish some of these lip balms littering my stash and go to repurchase the Honey-Myyrh Lip Repair, I was thinking of grabbing the deodorant to try to. If you try it before me, you MUST let me know what you think! I definitely recommend trying a natural deodorant in general though. Seriously, great stuff! I never realized that my anti-perspirant could cause me so many problems! Sheesh! :/

  3. Sunny October 23, 2013 at 2:52 am #

    Heeey Becca, I’m so glad you’re back! I was checking your tweets the other day and figured out you’ve been busy. Anyways, hopefully the busy phase will be over soon!

    I’m seeing some of my favorites here! The Hourglass primer and brow pencil (totally repurchased TWO of those recently), Effaclar Duo (repurchased too), and the Caudalie serum! It doesn’t do much for me when my skin is normal, but when it is upset, nothing is more soothing than that!

    • becca October 23, 2013 at 6:31 pm #

      SUNNY!!! Oh, how I’ve missed you! :D And thank you!

      So happy to hear that we have so many similar favorites. Isn’t the brow pencil fabulous?!! I swear, it’s the most amazing brow pencil I have EVER tried. I seriously did not think I’d ever be able to find one that worked so well! And it just looks SO natural on an Asian complexion–truly a first for me!

      And God, don’t even get me started on the Caudalie serum–I could ramble all day about the stuff! :P But yes, it’s SO incredibly soothing and just makes my complexion look smooth and plump and fresh! I’m so surprised that I am able to use such a hydrating serum on my oily skin but it’s so darn light, too! Amazing!

  4. Rocaille October 23, 2013 at 6:26 am #

    Good job on the empties, Becca! You’re really tempting me with your review of the Osmia lip balm, it sounds amazing. And as far as putting the blog on a back burner… I know all about it – we moved across the country recently and life had been pretty hectic for a while. I really missed blogging and talking to my beauty community in the meantime, and I’m really happy to be back – and to see you’re back too! Beauty blogging is such a fantastic hobby, even if it is quite demanding at times.

    • becca October 23, 2013 at 6:33 pm #

      Yay–thank you Monika!! It makes me so happy that I still have such great friends like you to talk to no matter how long I’ve been away :)

      Btw, where are you living now? Do you like it?

      My goodness, I am quite certain that you’d fall in *love* with the Osmia Lip Repair–that stuff is AMAZING! I’ve never tried anything quite like it! Plus, it’s organic and I don’t feel bad when my dog gives me kisses and accidentally licks some of it off :P haha

  5. Larie October 23, 2013 at 9:01 am #

    I’m sorry work is stressful! I know how you feel. T_T

    I can never seem to find a balm that I love and want to stick with. I don’t really like the Maybelline Baby Lips, either. They feel really greasy to me, or something. Not my fave. I have a stick of Nuxe right now and a Yes to Blueberries one, but neither are really doing it for me. Sigh.

    • becca October 23, 2013 at 6:35 pm #

      Aw thanks Larie! <3

      Oh and the Nuxe stick? I wonder how similar it is in feel to the potted version! I was always super curious about that one because so many bloggers rave about it…then I tried the Osmia Organics one and I just fell hook, line, and sinker for it. The stuff's incredible! I HIGHLY recommend that one. It's very unique and very, very pleasant in texture and aroma. Very soothing and stays on the lips for hours! Please please please try it!! :D

  6. Toya October 23, 2013 at 11:58 am #

    I wish I had a go-to lip product – then maybe I’d use them up!! LOL Empties list are kinda fun, eh Becca!? Its nice to ‘hear’ your voice again too! I know how you feel about missing your community when you’re away from blogging for a while. But we’re all pretty steadfast I find – especially those of us who DO blog – so as our time ebbs and flows, we flow with ya! ;)

    • becca October 23, 2013 at 6:37 pm #

      Haha yeah, Empties posts kinda ARE fun! Of course, it took me AGES to build up enough empties to do a post but definitely was fun ;)

      And I’m so happy to talk to you again, too! I have SO missed all my girls–being away sucked! But now I am on the job hunt again and have a lot more free time so I am BACK, baby!!! Haha! Thanks for always being there and being so supportive though, Toya! <3 you girl!

  7. Memoiselle October 24, 2013 at 6:08 am #

    Hello Becca!!
    You’ve been missed :))
    It’s wonderful to see such many empty products! I love that Burt’s Bees cuticle oil, it’s really moisturizing! and wow to that Ole Henriksens African Red Tea Face Mist, you’ve finished 4 bottles! This must be so good and you make me wanna try this a lot :))

    • becca October 24, 2013 at 5:00 pm #

      Aw thank you so much, hon!

      Yes, it took me quite a while but I FINALLY was able to save up enough empties to do a post :P lol! Now the next goal is to actually use up some color cosmetics instead of just skincare :P lol!

      Love the Ole Henriksen toner though. It’s simple but it does a great job–really helps my serum sink in beautifully! Let me know what you think if you do end up trying it! :D

  8. Liz October 24, 2013 at 11:35 am #

    I’m so glad you’re back, wifey! We missed you. :D :D :D

    Sadly, the Caudalie SOS Serum did not work on me, but I’ve changed from being mega oily to more normal/combination. Weird, huh? The serum even made me sort of break out and I felt no hydration whatsoever. I gave it to my mom and she said it was just okay and not hydrating either. I wonder if it’s something that’s especially good for oily skin!

    I’m on my third tube of the LRP Effaclar Duo but have since fallen in love with Avene Cleanance. They have a spot treatment that takes down a bump in THREE HOURS. I am amazed and you need to try it if you haven’t already. Better than anything I’ve ever tried!

    LOL @ three tubes of Aquaphor. We don’t have that here actually. I think our equivalent is maybe Carmex, but I’m generally happy with Burt’s Bees. :)

    • becca October 24, 2013 at 5:02 pm #

      Aw and I missed you, darling wifey!! Never again!! :P

      I remember you saying that the SOS serum didn’t really work for you–I’m sorry to hear that :/ Maybe it does work best on oily, super dehydrated skin, like mine has been. Crazy that it broke you out too because usually, EVERYTHING breaks me out but this one didn’t!

      And I’m super, super curious about the Avene Cleanance now! I really wish the brand were more readily available here like Leirac and LRP are, though. I think I’d have to order it from online, which I generally hate to do–especially with skincare :/

  9. Kate October 24, 2013 at 3:10 pm #

    Hi, B! Loved this post and it really chimes with a lot of things I realised when I took a break from blogging earlier this summer. Even when it gets kind of work-like taking pics and editing and writing up in a way that’s vaguely coherent to other people, it’s still a bloody lot of fun and I’m happier when I have time (even if it’s minutes snatched here and there) for blogging and interacting with this wonderful community <3

    Also as a total lipbalm junkie and honey-addict who's just had her honey lipbalm discontinued (DAMN YOU, RBR), I NEED to try that Osmia!

    • becca October 24, 2013 at 5:05 pm #

      Thanks for the sweet comment, Kate! Glad to hear that I’m not the only one! I thought that it made sense to cut out blogging when I was super busy with work but after a while, you’re right: you do begin to realize that staying connected with the blogging community really makes a difference and blogging, no matter how short the post, makes you so much happier in the end :)

      Also, RBR MADE A HONEY LIP BALM?? Well, I suppose I should be glad I hadn’t heard of it so that I didn’t fall in love before it was discontinued. Sorry to hear that btw–it’s always a shame when skincare/lip care products are discontinued. Color cosmetics too but I find that you have a much better chance of finding a dupe for those than for favorite skincare items. Really though, do try the Osmia Organics. The stuff is INCREDIBLE! And I say this as someone who has tried a LOT of lip balm!! :P

  10. Icaria October 27, 2013 at 6:36 am #

    Oh Becca yay you’re back! I do hope everything falls into place for you soon!!! Stress is no fun, finally mine has gone down a little in the past few days but I had been months living with a feeling of uncertainty and that was not good!

    So many empties! I think I’ve done only one so far since like you, my routing is kind of boring in the sense that for skin care it’s mainly the same repurchases. Lip balms I do use a lot too in fact I’ve been thinking about starting LBAA (Lip Balm Addict Anonymous)! Oh and Nuxe Rêve de Miel in stick form is nothing like the jar. Sorry Lari got this one. The stick is almost drying but the jar is “da bomb!” Totally worth trying. :)

    • becca November 7, 2013 at 5:11 pm #

      Oooh ok first off: SORRY for the late reply! Man I really suck at this promptness thing :P lol!

      And thank you for your kind comment as always, my dear! Yeah looking for another job has not been fun…fingers crossed something comes along soon–I am getting stressed since the holidays are right around the corner! :/

      Oh and if you started LBAA, I would be first to sign up. LOL! My lips are SO dependant on balm, it’s not even funny :P But still, it’s fun. Buying and trying different balms is so fun for me!

      I really want the Nuxe balm but once I tried the Osmia Organics one, I’m not sure I need to anymore. I’m still pretty curious to compare the 2 so I may just suck it up and order it one day but for now, there is NOTHING that compares to the Osmia for me. You should try it!!! :D

  11. Makeup Morsels November 1, 2013 at 6:29 pm #

    Yay for empties! I hope life has gotten a little less stressful for you lately ♥ And on a beauty-related note, finally someone who goes through lip balm as quickly as I do LOL

    • becca November 7, 2013 at 5:16 pm #

      Oh yeah…you have NO idea. I LIVE for lip balm and am never without it! I have at least 3 different types with me at all times–usually more though :P Is the Osmia Organics one your current fave, MM? If not, what have you been reaching for? Always curious to see what other lip balm addicts are using :P

  12. Gummy November 4, 2013 at 1:29 pm #

    Congratulations on your first empties post!!! Yaaaay!!! You did a fantastic job :-) I’m in awe of all the lip product empties…wow wow wow!! Btw, thank you so much for the shout out!!! Confession though…in a moment of weakness I actually purchased a replacement korres lip butter – in jasmine too no less. I don’t know what came over me but I missed it even though I knew it would be slightly torturous finishing it. Ugh. Glutton for punishment I guess?

    It’s funny what you said about antiperspirant – ok not funny ha ha, but funny because I kind of had the same revelation too. Awhile back I was using the Khiel’s argan oil body wash thingy and at one point decided to use it under my arms to shave with. Holy moly. Smoothest shave ever. Couldn’t figure it out until I tried my regular body was again. Then I realized that the oil was dissolving/degunking all the antiperspirant from my pits. Grossed me out thinking it wasn’t all getting washed off before and it was probably getting layered on. EW. Sorry to share but that’s when I made the switch to just deodorant!

    I still want to finish that Osmia lip balm, but I’ve told myself no more until I finish up this La Mer…which I’m determined to finish since it was so $$ :-(

    Love this post, and hope to see more empties sometime!!! xoxoxo so happy to see you around more too :-)

    • becca November 7, 2013 at 5:22 pm #

      Aw thanks Gummy, love! :) I’m so happy to be back!

      And seriously, I am cracking up right now at your admission of repurchasing the Korres lip balm. REALLY?? After that long, drawn-out battle to finish it? LOL! You’re hilarious, girl :P

      I’m glad it’s not just me that had this antiperspirant revelation. Gross, isn’t it? I seriously was starting to get rashes and ingrown hairs all the time because my regular soap just wasnt cutting through all the gunk well enough. Very interesting though–if next summer, I feel like I need the power of an antiperspirant, I will def using an oil cleanser or grab the Khiel’s argan body wash to dissolve everything properly. Thanks for the heads-up!!

      And you and me both! I REAAAALLY want/need to repurchase the Osmia lip balm but I still have the Hourglass lip oil, a pot of Korres, an EOS balm, and several other ones that I am trying to get through…that’s not even counting the La Mer one that is STILL sitting-untouched-in my cabinet. LOL! I’ll never get to it at this rate!

  13. Preeti Kaur November 25, 2013 at 12:26 pm #

    I am so glad that you are back. .I had been a silent reader but thought of commenting on this post. Although you call it a filler post, I quite really enjoying Empties post :) Keep these coming!

    • becca November 26, 2013 at 1:34 am #

      Aw, thank you so much for your sweet comment, Preeti! So glad to finally get a chance to talk to you :)

      I always enjoy reading Empties posts too but I’ve never been able to save up enough of my own to do a post before…until now! It’s actually pretty fun! :P Not sure how often I’ll be able to do them because I just take sooo long finishing products but the one consistent item I always have lots of empties of is lip balm. haha!

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