The Sample: NEW Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in 69 Fleur de Lotus (Review, Swatches & Photos)

26 Jul

I did it! I got my hands on Chanel’s limited-edition beauty: the Fleur de Lotus blush! As soon as I saw the photos for this glorious confection, I knew immediately that it would be mine. I don’t know if I’ve told you this, but I’m obsessed warm coral and peachy-pink blushes–and the color of Fleur de Lotus is about as perfect as they come.

Released as part of the limited-edition 6-piece Fleur de Lotus collection available exclusively at Nordstrom, the collection was previously released in Asia for Spring 2012 under the title Le Blanc de Chanel. The collection proved so popular however, that they eventually decided to release it stateside as well. But apparently, they decided to release it “as is”–meaning the Fleur de Lotus blush as well as the Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadow Palette are in the baked formula that is typical in Asia/Europe, not the pressed powder version found in the U.S. For some, this might be a dealbreaker but I loved the color so much after swatching it that I decided to go for it anyway.

Fleur de Lotus is the most stunning coral-pink shade ever. I already thought it was gorgeous in the photos I saw online, but when I swatched it in-person…goodness, it was true love. On the cheeks, it’s more a soft peachy-coral. It’s beautiful and has the most lovely, luminescent sheen (vs. full-on shimmer). The sheen, along with the healthy peachy color, gives your cheeks the healthy, youthful, glowy cheeks of a child model or something equally ridiculous. It has a shimmery marbled pattern atop the blush, which is typical in baked formulas. As you can see based on my photos, the color of Fleur de Lotus does vary depending on the light. In the shade (which is where the 2 open-compact photos were taken), it can appear more coral. In the sunlight (closeup photos), it looks to be more of a vibrant pinky-coral. Either way, it’s beyond gorgeous and you need it! It’s a shade that I think will be universally flattering. The blush is on the sheer side but can definitely be built up for a stronger coral cheek. For some reason, I had trouble building up the color for the swatches on my arm, but the color shows up on the cheeks very easily.

Though I prefer a pressed powder formula, the baked version of Fleur de Lotus is surprisingly smooth and silky! I’ve read several other reviews where bloggers have remarked that they feel Fleur de Lotus’ baked formula is softer than usual, too. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still harder in texture than my other Joues Contraste blush in Rose Initiale (pressed powder version), but for a baked blush it’s remarkably fine-milled and smooth. It also blends very easily. I would use a dense, firm blush brush when applying this as a soft one does not pick up a lot of color. Like the U.S version though, this blush is pretty darn powdery. You have to use a denser blush to pick up a sufficient amount of color, but with a denser brush the amount of powder fallout is incredible. A few swipes and there is powder flying off in every direction and a fine layer of powder covering everything in the compact. Also, like all the Joues Contraste blushes, this powder is scented with a lovely rose fragrance. It’s not too strong though and I can’t smell it at all once it’s actually on my cheeks.

Click image to enlarge

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Again, I wanted to apologize if the swatch photos below are a bit light. I had absolutely no problems with pigmentation and getting it to show up on my face–but on my arm, it just did not want to show up!

Click image to enlarge and for more details

Click image to enlarge and for more details

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Fleur de Lotus lasted about 4 1/2 hours on my oily skin before it began to fade considerably. It’s not the best–but it’s considerably better than the wear I got with Rose Initiale. However, I think I am going to re-test the wear of Rose Initiale since I believe my skin was abnormally oily at the time. Overall, I really do love this blush. Again, it’s not the best formula I’ve ever tried–and I definitely prefer the U.S pressed powder version–but it’s still really nice. The color is stunning–I honestly love it and can see myself reaching for it year round. If you’re interested, run to your nearest Nordstrom and try it–it’s 10 times prettier in person than it is in pictures. And remember, it’s limited edition! That alone makes it a more desirable piece…that is, if you’re an irrational beauty addict like me :P

Pros: color is gorgeous; shade is universally flattering; the sheen is lovely and refined and doesn’t accentuate my pores; the baked texture is hard, but still applies smoothly and blends easily; color is sheer but buildable

Cons: a bit pricey for the amount given; very powdery; wear time could be greatly improved

»»Pricing: $43/0.14 oz. (4 g.) *please note that the U.S version of the Joues Contraste blushes is $43 for 0.21 oz. (6 g.)!! I was pretty disappointed at that…

»»Availability: and in-stores (click the link and enter your zip code to find a store that has it near you) *update: my lovely reader Em has informed me that Fleur de Lotus is now available online at Chanel’s site. This was interesting to me because it was only supposed to be a Nordstrom exclusive, but I’m glad it’s more accessible now. Everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty that is Fleur de Lotus :) Click here to go to the site

»»Recommended for: everyone–though I think it will be especially flattering on warm skin tones

»»Overall Rating: A-

60 Responses to “The Sample: NEW Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in 69 Fleur de Lotus (Review, Swatches & Photos)”

  1. dani@callitbeauty July 27, 2012 at 5:05 am #

    Such a pretty shade, but goodness… $43? That made me wince a tiny bit! :p

    It’s too bad about the wear time. But if it’s a love at first sight kind of blush, then it sounds like it’s worth it to have.

    • becca July 27, 2012 at 5:28 am #

      Yes, it was a little painful…but the color–oh the color! :P

  2. trishie July 27, 2012 at 5:40 am #

    The colour is so pretty!

    • becca July 27, 2012 at 5:51 am #

      Isn’t it? It’s SO subtle and gorgeous and really warms up/enlivens the complexion! It’s my new favorite!

  3. ~ Claire ~ July 27, 2012 at 10:35 am #

    Fleur de Lotus is the most amazing blush from Chanel, however, it may be dupable but I still would buy it. I agree on the formula and price point but isn’t this chanel nugget not worth it? LOVE <3

    • becca July 27, 2012 at 6:25 pm #

      Yes it is! :P I am so enamored with this shade–it’s perfect!

  4. Sunny July 27, 2012 at 3:47 pm #

    It’s a gorgeous shade that’s totally my thing, but I’m not sure I’m ready to deal with the texture and wear time!

    • becca July 27, 2012 at 6:28 pm #

      Honestly, the wear time is only an issue if you have very oily skin like I do, Sunny. Also, it did begin to show signs of fading after 4 1/2 hours, but even at 8 hours later, I could still see a bit of color on my cheeks and it had faded evenly into a very slight, natural-looking flush. Maybe I will update my post with this information. :P

      I do get it if you have issues with a baked formula though. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love the color SO much and it’s SO flattering for my warm, yellow undertoned skin that I will deal with it!

  5. Larie July 27, 2012 at 6:44 pm #

    Pretty pretty pretty! I can’t use Chanel blushes, but they seem to make really wearable, go-to shades. I wanted the sea-green Illusion d’Ombre from this collection, but after being honest with myself, I refrained because I know I won’t use it that often. Still, it is so pretty.

    • becca July 27, 2012 at 6:58 pm #

      Oh I wanted that lovely sea-foam green shade too–but I was hit with the exact same realization that I wanted it bc it was pretty to look at but I would probably never, ever use it :P

  6. Memoiselle July 28, 2012 at 12:12 am #

    The pictures are so beautiful! You’re one of my fave blogger now! :) I am currently looking for a matte blush from Chanel, do you know whether Chanel have one?

    • becca July 28, 2012 at 1:47 am #

      Thanks so much hon!! :D

      You know, I’m actually not sure that they do offer any true matte blushes. From what I’ve gathered from research and swatching at the counters, all their blushes have some form of shimmer or sheen to them. I will say, however, that for certain shades, the sheen is SO incredibly fine that it adds a subtle luminosity to the skin, but no one will be thinking that your blush looks shimmery. It’s that refined.

      Of course, I could be wrong and there just might be a matte shade or 2–this is only my 2nd JC blush after all. I’ll research some more and get back to you on that. Are you not a fan of shimmery blushes?

      • Memoiselle July 29, 2012 at 2:00 pm #

        Thank you dear!!
        I love shimmer blushes to the MAX but I will have an event and I want to wear a matte blush to make me look less “shiny”. I know Chanel Harmonie from spring 2012 is not that shimmery but still it doesn’t look that natural :(

  7. Yessie July 28, 2012 at 1:22 am #

    This looks beautiful! I’m going to tell (lie) myself that this would be way too light for me and it would never work out between us. but it would!!

    • becca July 28, 2012 at 1:49 am #

      Yeah, just keep telling yourself that :P

      I know it looks SUPER light in my swatches, but like I said for some reason I had a lot of trouble getting it to show up on my arm, but one swipe on my cheeks and it was pure peachy-coral gorgeousness!! Try it if you can!

  8. Jacqueline July 28, 2012 at 2:38 am #

    I love your pictures and swatches, it is such a gorgeous colour. When it comes to paying for Chanel, I close my eyes and just fork out the money ;)

    • becca July 28, 2012 at 8:27 pm #

      LOL yes–I think you HAVE to, otherwise it’s just unbearable :P

  9. Sukie July 29, 2012 at 12:12 pm #

    Hello Becca! That’s a gorgeous shade and you take such lovely photos! =) I only wish this is available in the UK!

    • becca July 29, 2012 at 8:33 pm #

      Thanks Sukie!!

      That’s too bad it’s not available there :/ It IS, however, available from Asia so maybe you could find someone nice to send you one?? :D

  10. Lily July 29, 2012 at 1:47 pm #

    Oh, the colour is gorgeous! You should do a FOTD wearing this blush ;-)

    • becca July 29, 2012 at 8:34 pm #

      LOL yes, I am definitely working on getting some FOTDs up. Still not 100% happy with my lighting and angles, but hopefully soon :)

  11. Miss Kwong July 29, 2012 at 4:45 pm #

    On the pan it looks more peachy…. but on your skin it is such a beautiful warm pink glow!! I love how silky the powder looks.

    I’d definitely go and check this out! Chanel has wonderful blushes, just pricey too.

    Say meow to me on:
    Miss Kwong: From Catwalk to Classroom

    • becca July 29, 2012 at 8:35 pm #

      Pricey is right! But I do love this blush a WHOLE lot. The color is just perfect for me and the luminescent glow is unreal! Love it! Don’t love the price :P

  12. Liz July 29, 2012 at 6:25 pm #

    You are eeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil – making me want this so badly! I only have one Chanel blush and it’s lonely. :(

    • becca July 29, 2012 at 8:35 pm #

      Well then OBVIOUSLY it needs a friend…right? :D

  13. Ruby July 30, 2012 at 12:59 am #

    This shade is lovely and like ALL Chanel stuffs, they are simply irresistible. :) I agree with u that using a dense brush seems to pick up the pigments better and the small brush that comes with it surprisingly does quite a good job with it.

    U HAVE to try Rose Initiale again! I tried it yesterday and it’s gorgeous. I’m not picking it up in the meantime because the SA told me it’s from permanent line so gives me more time.

    • becca July 30, 2012 at 1:57 am #

      Yeah I really hope the shorter wear time of Rose Initiale was due to a weird skin freak-out I was experiencing at the time. I will definitely retest it! I’m glad you like it–I hope you do end up purchasing it–it’s lovely :)

  14. Dovey July 30, 2012 at 4:48 am #

    Gorgeous :) I love the slight coral tint.

    • becca July 30, 2012 at 6:25 am #

      Oh it’s SO pretty, Dovey! It is more pigmented and, on my skin at least, much more coral on the cheeks. I think it would suit your skin tone perfectly!

  15. trishie July 30, 2012 at 6:51 am #

    Hello, thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog. To answer your answer about the lipstick i was wearing, it’s Giorgio Armani shine lipstick in #5

    • becca July 30, 2012 at 7:00 am #

      Oooh pretty! Pretty much just verified that I desperately need to try out a lip product from Giorgio Armani ASAP! Thanks Trishie!

  16. Toya July 30, 2012 at 12:27 pm #

    This makes things very difficult for me! – this blush (vs Rose Initiale) does not contain lanolin, and therefore I *technically* should buy it LOL!! I really want to own a Chanel blush, but I have to be careful. I’m not sure if we’ll get this shade here in Canada – and to be honest, I’m not sure if we have the baked version or pressed – maybe that’s what makes the difference in the ingredients?? Anyway, what makes the most sense is for me to just stomp on up to my Chanel counter and investigate. I NEED one of these blushes in my life, you make them sound soo good Becca! :) And this shade does look particularly lovely!

    • becca July 30, 2012 at 7:58 pm #

      oh that’s right–I forgot about your lanolin thing :/ As far as I know, this is exclusive to Nordstrom for the Aniversary Sale. This may be a silly question, but do you guys have Nordstrom in Canada? If not, I believe Nordstrom will still ship to you for free (there’s an international shopping link here If you need help, let me know! This blush may be a bit harder for you to get your hands on, but it’s SO worth it. It has to be my new favorite blush :)

  17. Beauty Box July 30, 2012 at 5:46 pm #

    I have read about the baked versus pressed powder issue. Since I live in Asia, I’m only really able to try the baked version and I like it. Perhaps it’s easier in terms of application because it’s harder to overdo or make mistakes with lighter pigmented blush. I love the colour and it kinda reminds me of NARS Orgasm also Orgasm prob has way more shimmer.

    • becca July 30, 2012 at 8:03 pm #

      I actually like the baked version a whole lot more than I thought I would! I know a lot of people complain about it here so I was reluctant, but it turns out it’s still soft and silky and pigmented! I agree though, it’s a tiny bit sheerer and therefore easier to work with…at least for me (I have a tendency to overapply my cheek color!).

      I think color-wise, Orgasm and Fleur de Lotus are similar–but Fleur de Lotus is DEFINITELY more refined than Orgasm. There is no obvious shimmer but more of a sheen. Love it!

  18. Christine Brigid July 31, 2012 at 4:58 am #

    I struggle with Chanel. They do have such incredible quality and colors… but the prices! For that price point I want the blush to last 8 hours, you know? By the way, this line totally made me laugh…”the healthy, youthful, glowy cheeks of a child model or something equally ridiculous”… ahahaha! Great stuff :)

    • becca July 31, 2012 at 6:32 am #

      LOL–but it’s true though! :P

      I think everyone struggles with Chanel’s prices (unless you’re a trust-fund baby or billionaire or the like). But I can honestly say this was so worth it for me. I am a HUGE fan of these warm coral, peach, and pink shades and this is the perfect mix of all 3–so I know it will get a LOT of use!

  19. Makeup Morsels July 31, 2012 at 6:43 am #

    My god, what are you doing to me?! You’re actually making me want blush! ME. What can I say, “the healthy, youthful, glowy cheeks of a child model or something equally ridiculous” just clinched it hahahah. And the color is gorgeous on you.

    • becca July 31, 2012 at 6:51 am #

      LOL! Does that mean I’ve succeeded? I will NOT give up until I’ve made you go out and purchase a blush. It’s my new goal in life!!! :D

  20. Marie McGrath July 31, 2012 at 2:09 pm #

    Wao, I really love the peachy color of this blush! So pretty.

    • becca July 31, 2012 at 7:07 pm #

      It’s MUCH prettier in person, if you can imagine that :D

  21. Jo July 31, 2012 at 4:27 pm #

    Your review is so detailed. It is definitely very helpful for people who are thinking of buying this Chanel blush. I think it’s really neat that Chanel’s cosmetics come in this cute little pouch.

    • becca July 31, 2012 at 7:06 pm #

      Thanks Jo! I think the little pouches are cute, but also a bit impractical. I don’t ever use any of the pouches my high-end blushes come in, yet I feel bad and never want to throw them away because they’re so cute–so I always end up just sticking them in a little box :P

      Do you own any Chanel blushes Jo?

  22. Popblush August 1, 2012 at 12:56 pm #

    Such a pretty blush!! The shade looks really natural on your skin. It kind of reminds me of a Bourjois blush I own, but mine isn’t as powdery in texture.

    • becca August 1, 2012 at 9:04 pm #

      Oh really? And at a fraction of the price too!!! I really wish Bourjois were still availabe in-stores here :/ I read a review on some of the Bourjois blushes recently and some of the colors are SO gorgeous–and yes, kind of reminded me of some Chanel JC shades

  23. Joyce August 3, 2012 at 3:52 am #

    ooh pretty! I bet it looks great on you! I can’t wait to see how the FOTD shots turn out. Fortunately for my wallet, I’ve gotten over the Chanel phase of my makeup obsession lol. I just find that there is always so much sparkle and for the price there are often better quality equivalent products that are the same price or cheaper. You just can’t replicate some chanel shades!

    • becca August 3, 2012 at 8:12 am #

      Thanks Joyce!

      Yeah, certainly Chanel’s blush shades are always gorgeous–but I definitely agree. I’ve tried WAY better powder blush formulas, so I don’t plan on making Chanel my new go-to brand by any means. I also find that, while their eyeshadow shades are pretty, they’re (for the most part) always dupeable, so I just don’t think it’s worth the $ most of the time.

  24. Lola August 3, 2012 at 9:11 pm #

    This is sooooooo gorgeous, Becca. I swatched it and it pulled way too warm on my skin– it was so unflattering on me which REALLY bummed me out becasue I really wanted it!

    • becca August 3, 2012 at 9:15 pm #

      What?!? Oh no–that’s too bad :/ Maybe Rose Initiale would be better for your skin tone then?

  25. Coco August 6, 2012 at 4:11 am #

    I am eyeing on the new Rose Initial instead. You have a very pretty swatch on. Such a nice glow it’s on you but I found it similar to my Nars Orgasm in color.

    • becca August 6, 2012 at 6:24 am #

      I have a review on Rose Initiale too if you want to check out swatches! I like my Rose Initiale, but I LOVE my Fleur de Lotus. I do agree on you–the color of it is similar to Nars Orgasm, but I like Fleur de Lotus a lot more because it’s less shimmery and more refined. I had to give my Orgasm blush to my sister because it was WAY too shimmery for my taste :/

  26. makupmagpie August 7, 2012 at 2:35 pm #

    So pretty! Love this shade and picked it up recently. Great review and photos! :)

    • becca August 7, 2012 at 9:53 pm #

      Oh gosh, don’t you just LOVE it?!? It’s definitely my favorite blush of the moment. They did a fantastic job with the whole Fleur de Lotus collection–so glad they decided to release it here too :)

  27. Em Tiny August 8, 2012 at 6:40 am #

    I was debating between this and Rose Initiale. I ended up buying Rose Initiale and I love it. I reviewed it on my blog and everything. But seeing your swatches makes me want Fleur de Lotus again!

  28. Em Tiny August 8, 2012 at 6:41 am #

    By the way, Fleur de Lotus is available on the US Chanel website! woot!

    • becca August 8, 2012 at 8:22 am #

      Thanks for the info, Em! I have updated my post :)

      I have both and I must say, I love Fleur de Lotus so much more. Both are lovely, but I think Fleur de Lotus is especially flattering for my warm skin tone. I’m also quite partial to peachy/coraly-pink blushes :P Glad you at least got one of them though, I’m enjoying them both so much!

  29. Helen Heng September 9, 2012 at 2:12 pm #

    CHANEL 69 powder blush is amazing, very beautiful, i got it in airport duty free, very youthful and bright, i love it.

    • becca September 9, 2012 at 8:34 pm #

      Oooh youre lucky you got it at the duty-free! It is VERY beautiful–it’s one of my most used blushes now!

  30. Helen Heng September 9, 2012 at 2:14 pm #

    I am going to get 50 IN LOVE though.

    • becca September 9, 2012 at 8:35 pm #

      I haven’t seen In Love–I’ll have to check it out now! Thanks for the rec Helen!

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