The Sample: Fresh Sugar Coral Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15 (Review, Swatches & Photos)

10 Apr

I love Fresh’s Tinted Lip Treatments. I think they’re a wonderful alternative for lipstick-phobes and klutzes who couldn’t apply lipstick within the lines if their lives depended on it. Plus, they’re totally in-line with the whole sheer, bright lip colors trend for spring/summer! With the Tinted Lip Treatments, you can have it all–the moisturization and ease of a lip balm and the color of a sheer lipstick–all with added SPF 15! Have I mentioned that I absolutely LOVE multi-tasking products? If I’m gonna pay $22.50 for a lip balm, it damn well better be the best lip balm ever. Good thing Fresh really delivers.

Sugar Coral is the latest installment in the Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment collection. There are 6 varieties total: Sugar, Sugar Coral, Sugar Honey, Sugar Passion, Sugar Plum, and Sugar Rosé. All promise to give you a moisturized, perfectly tinted pout (excluding Sugar, which is clear). Housed in a sleek metal bullet, the lid actually screws on–making for sturdy and substantial packaging. Each Sugar Lip Treatment in the line-up comes in a color coordinating tube, so Sugar Coral’s is, you guessed it: a vibrant coral-red.

The texture of these is really soft and buttery–the balm glides easily on to my lips, distributing a fair amount of product onto my lips with a single pass. However, with so much slip in a lip product, there may also be some streaking that occurs–which is the case for Sugar Coral. Because these contain a high amount of natural oils, they not only feel buttery but they also melt like butter–so beware carrying these guys around with you on a hot summer day (and I definitely would not recommend leaving these in your car!). Sugar Coral is, like the others, lemon-scented. I personally don’t find the scent offensive, though lemon is hardly my favorite taste/scent. Though the scent is very light, it does stick around for quite a while, so keep that in mind if you are sensitive to smells.

I actually find the color to be a little more opaque then what I had been hoping for. Of all the ones I’ve tried (Sugar, Sugar Honey, and Sugar Rosé), Sugar Coral seems most like a sheer lipstick to me. It’s quite pigmented, but this is easy to remedy. To sheer the color out a bit, I will either apply it over a thin layer of another lip balm or I will apply then sheer the color out with my finger. Easy peasy! The description on Sephora states that Sugar Coral is a “sheer dark peach”. On my lips, it shows as a warm, medium coraly-reddish pink. Again, not quite what I had been expecting (I was hoping it’d be more peachy)–but the color proves gorgeous nonetheless.

I tried applying this lip tint without using a mirror to see how goof-proof it really is. With Sugar Rosé and Sugar Honey, I can do it no problem. Sugar Coral, however, is (like I mentioned) a good deal more pigmented. When I tried applying it without a mirror, I wound up with…damn near perfect lips!! Yup, they’re that easy to apply! The balmy texture of the product helps it to glide over your lips easily. No hassle, no messy lip lines, no mirror needed. End of story! And if I can do it, trust me–you will too!

Something to remember as well: because this is so pigmented and so creamy, it will accentuate any dry flakes on your lips. But because it is also chock full of super moisturizing ingredients (like sugar [a natural humectant], meadowfoam seed oil, black currant seed oil, avocado oil, and jojoba oil), it also works overtime getting your lips back in tip-top shape. With regular use, you’ll have luscious, silky smooth lips in no time! While it does a fantastic job moisturizing, the wear time is sorely lacking. But it’s to be expected, really, when you have such a slick, buttery product. Sugar Coral lasted about 2 hours on my lips.

Direct sunlight, left to right: Sugar Coral, Sugar Rosé, Sugar Honey


If the price is something that you’re struggling with, don’t think of it as a lip balm–think of it as a high(er)-end sheer lipstick (think Chanel Rouge Coco Shine and the like). After all, this particular Tinted Lip Treatment is so pigmented, it pretty much is a lipstick. If you’ve tried the other Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments and you wished they provided a little more coverage and color, then look no further. If you were looking for something a little sheerer then check out some of the other colors from this line. There are honestly so many great choices that you can’t go wrong! Every single one of them gives my face that finishing touch and makes me look pretty and polished without even trying. Though the color and opacity of Sugar Coral wasn’t quite what I had wanted, this truly is a great product and wonderful addition to the Sugar lip line. They’re definitely well worth the money.

Pros: beautiful color; glossy finish; super moisturizing; easy to apply; metal housing is weighty and sturdy but not bulky (plus, it just looks cool); great summer product; the sheerness and color of the product makes it easier to wear for a variety of skin tones

Cons: doesn’t moisturize for 6 hours because it doesn’t stay put for 6 hours; the sweet, light lemon fragrance does linger–so may not be suitable for those who have sensitive noses; it can streak a bit if you apply too much; color doesn’t quite match the description on Sephora’s site–though the color is beautiful

*please note: pigmentation could be either a pro or a con, depending on what you were looking for from this product

»»Pricing: $22.50/0.15 oz. (4.3 g.)

»»Availability: Sephora (this product is a Sephora exclusive)

»»Recommended for: those looking for a very moisturizing and slightly sheer, glossy lipstick/lip tint; will work with all skin tones

»»Overall Rating: A-

8 Responses to “The Sample: Fresh Sugar Coral Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15 (Review, Swatches & Photos)”

  1. yen April 10, 2012 at 9:42 pm #

    wow. i had no idea there were so many elements in a lip balm. but it seems as if you’ve tested it quite thoroughly… i think i may have to go purchase one.

    • becca April 11, 2012 at 7:04 am #

      You really should, if not this color than any of the lip tints from Fresh–they’re really, really amazing! Sugar Honey is probably my favorite–it’s really subtle but gorgeous!

  2. Emi at Project Swatch April 12, 2012 at 11:38 am #

    This is really lovely – I’m very tempted, it’s just so pricey for a lip balm!

    • becca April 12, 2012 at 9:25 pm #

      Hi Emi–

      Lol I agree–it can be difficult to get over that price tag when you think “it’s just a fancy lip balm!”–but like I mentioned, I think it helps if you think of is as a nourishing, moisturizing lipstick–because it sure is pigmented! Do you think you’ll indulge?

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Vonvon June 8, 2012 at 10:45 am #

    I have the Sugar and Rose ones, birthday gift from Sephora.

    Loving the Rose one. And I actually like the citrus-y scent.

    • becca September 12, 2012 at 10:39 am #

      I’ve never been big on lemon, so that was kind of a “meh” for me–but the product itself is so fabulous that I am more than happy to give it a pass :) glad you’re liking yours!

  4. Alli September 12, 2012 at 8:21 am #

    Thank you for this very helpful review!

    I also got the Sugar and Rose mini birthday gift from Sephora and fell in love with them, as a “lipstick-phobe”. I’m running low and wanted to buy a full size one. I was stuck between Coral and Honey, but as a pale redhead I’m a little scared of the strong reddish pigment here. You’ve sold me on the Honey! :)

    • becca September 12, 2012 at 10:41 am #

      Ooh, good choice! I LOVE my Sugar Honey one–it’s my most often-used lip color. Beware though–they are SERIOUSLY soft and buttery, and they WILL melt. I accidentally left my makeup bag in the car the other day for about an hour, and when I pulled out my Sugar Honey, it snapped in half and turned to mush :( I had to scoop it up and smoosh it back into the tube, so now it’s being applied by fingers. But yes, it’s THAT worth it! haha

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